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  • Product Review: POC HMF Exhaust

    Read the latest review of the HMF exhaust available from Pride of Cleveland Scooters.
  • Basic Electrical Circuit

    A very helpful video put together by MadAss Army member Stewped that explains the basic concepts of componets and elements involved with the Madass electrical system.

About the MadAss Army

About the MadAss Army

The MadAss Army was created to help bring together Sachs MadAss owners and enthusiasts into one place so that they can learn more about this great motorcycle by pooling together their collective knowledge, insight and first-hand experience in owning and servicing their own Sachs MadAss 125 and 50.

So far, the MadAss Army has attracted a great bunch of people from around the world who are fired up about the MadAss 125 and MadAss 50.

The real value and strength of the MadAss Army is made up of the people that are a part of it and continue to grow and develop this diverse and eclectic community.

The MadAss Army is an independent rabble and is not an extension of any particular scooter/motorcycle/parts dealer. It's all just about a great motorcycle. Thanks for stopping by!  -Milwaukee Madass


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Start with the Frequently Asked Questions section. It covers some of the key topics about the motorcycle like what to expect with riding and owning your own Sachs Madass 125 or 50.

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From bone stock too fully tricked-out custom bikes, Madass Army members proudly show off their bikes.

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