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Asspipe Update (10 AUG)

Postby MilwaukeeMadass » 10 Aug 2012 10:10

It Might Be A While Yet

While at Moto-Scoot I asked Andy about the asspipe redesign and he said that the first prototype had some issues so they have to roll back and start begin working on a new design. He wasn't sure about the time frame but it sounds like it might be a while before they have something in production. That sucks. But without a doubt it's better they work out all the kinks and have a quality exhaust rather than rushing something out the door.
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Could It Be True? (10 AUG)

Postby MilwaukeeMadass » 10 Aug 2012 08:29

New Features Possible With Next Wave of 125's

The other day after work I decided to swing by Moto-Scoot and while I was waiting to talk to Andy, Bill asked if he could show a couple of guys my bike because he didn't have any currently in stock. After they were done, Bill mentioned to me that he was now waiting for the next shipment of bikes to make it's way to the States but the last he had heard about them was that they weren't even on the water yet. So at the very earliest, he'd be looking at [...]
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