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Madass 160 - Sydney Australia

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Madass 160 - Sydney Australia

Postby Hyena » 23 Jun 2015 06:27

Hey guys,
I've decided to sell my madass. I have 4 bikes and this one makes the most sense to get rid of.
I guess you could say it's a bit of a project as it needs a little work.

I haven't ridden it in 3 months since the carby randomly had a dummy spit. It was fine the day before then the next day when I kick started it ran rough like it was out of fuel, then started spraying fuel out the back of the intake. Classic carby symptoms and dead easy to fix, I just haven't had time to look at it and with the above mentioned other bikes I've lost enthusiasm.

It's got a new high compression YX160 in it (18hgp I believe). It only has about 400km on the clock (original bike only had 5500km on it anyway) and just had the first oil change. I was actually planning to convert it to electric but never got around to it. Here's a video of the acceleration just before the carby started playing up.

Given I don't ride it of a night and the above mentioned plans to convert it to electric I never bothered sourcing a new stator to charge the battery. As such I was just recharging the battery once a week (only runs the blinkers and tail lights if you dont ride at night)

So yeah, to get it sorted it needs the carbi cleaned out or replaced ($50 max) and a new stator if that bothers you.

Still has rego for another few months.


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Re: Madass 160 - Sydney Australia

Postby mcdono86 » 21 Sep 2015 23:08

Hi mate, I'm in Canberra, but could come up to Sydney no worries. Is your bike still for sale?


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