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195cc YX160 w/ TB V2 Race Head, Takegawa de-comp Cam, 12:1,

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195cc YX160 w/ TB V2 Race Head, Takegawa de-comp Cam, 12:1,

Postby jas67 » 21 Mar 2016 22:42

This is a serious, high performance engine that was built a couple of years ago by Terry @ Fire Power Minis.

Some here may remember my 201cc "Bad Ass Madass." This motor is almost exactly the same build, except wilder. It has a slightly smaller bore (66mm vs. 67cc, and is thus 195cc, instead of 201cc), but, has 12:1 compression, and a slightly more radical cam. This is a seriously strong motor!

Quick Specs:

12:1 Compression

He started with a YX160 and added the following

TB V2 Race head
Takegawa S15D de-comp cam
TB 66mm cylinder (195cc)
66mm Akunar Piston.
Keihin PE28 Carb jetted for the above engine

I bought this engine on a street-titled Honda CT70. This bike could accelerate quickly to 70 MPH! 70 MPH on a CT70 is a bit on the scary side, but, fun. I have since injured my back and can no longer kick start a high compressing engine.

I have since removed the engine and sold the rolling chassis to a friend who had another engine he wanted to put on it.
Now, this great engine is up for sale.

Included with this sale:

195cc YX160 engine as described above
lighting coil (not sure specs)
Keihin PE28 carburetor
Shift lever
Kickstarter lever

When I stopped using it, the bike had developed an electrical problem and lost spark. The problem could've been CDI, Coil, wiring, or the lighting coil that is included with the engine, I never got around to diagnosing the problem, as, due to my injury, I wasn't really motivated. Thus, the lighting coil is not guaranteed to be good.

The kicker shaft and right side case cover are both new. The kicker was skipping, and the cover was cracked. This can happy with these engines if it kicks back.

The engine likely only has a few hundred miles on it. When I had it apart to replace the kicker shaft, everything looks great, the cylinder doesn't show any where, all cross-hatching is still visible.

This engine cost around $1,500 to build. I'm only asking $750, OBO + actual shipping charges.

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Re: 195cc YX160 w/ TB V2 Race Head, Takegawa de-comp Cam, 12

Postby hhhector » 30 Jun 2016 21:22

still on sale?

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