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for sale fuel injected 2010 madass .north east ohio.

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for sale fuel injected 2010 madass .north east ohio.

Postby satur9 » 30 Aug 2016 15:39

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=58ILuxFgG7g. . this is my madass for sale . serious inquiries only. no shipping. i started this as a project bike. when im not just putting around the neighborhood it just sits. there's a few issues that keep it a play bike and not a commuter. first is the fuel injection. the fuel pump takes a lot of power. so between the small stator and battery. there no wattage left for headlights. i have a 10 watt led bulb in for daytime visibilty only.. i had 10 watt vision x led aux lights in other madass as headlights and they were bright enough for night. but that madass got wrecked. second. no reserve petcock. you run out of gas thats it. old madass dont have fuel gauge or low fuel light. . i just get gas every 50 miles to be safe. third and this applies to all ooracing race engines. kickstart only. and its a pain in the butt at times.. fourth. gearing. its geared for power and not speed. it will do 55 mph like stock madass. but a stock madass wont power wheelie.. fifth. its loud. .you could probably . get a vm 36 carb off ebay for like a hundred bucks and ditch the injection if you wanted. 650.00$

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