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Lambo orange MA 50

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Lambo orange MA 50

Postby MangeM » 16 Aug 2016 01:53

Bought this with a broken engine. Former owner had run it to hot and the piston had partially melted!!
I took the engine apart to cleaned it, was alot of pieces from the oilring inside.

Also discovered that someone has had the clutch cover off at some point and missed to get the spring and socket for the oil transfer to the crank in its right position.
Both the spring and socket was found in the bottom of the engine block!!
This is probably the main cause to the piston meltdown.
Also cleaned out the oilslinger in the clutch, it was packed full!! Bike has run 9200 km.

Started it up yesterday and it runs fine. Now just some electrical issues to fix and also fix a seat that is missing.


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