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Could It Be True? (10 AUG)

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Could It Be True? (10 AUG)

Postby MilwaukeeMadass » 10 Aug 2012 08:29

New Features Possible With Next Wave of 125's

The other day after work I decided to swing by Moto-Scoot and while I was waiting to talk to Andy, Bill asked if he could show a couple of guys my bike because he didn't have any currently in stock. After they were done, Bill mentioned to me that he was now waiting for the next shipment of bikes to make it's way to the States but the last he had heard about them was that they weren't even on the water yet. So at the very earliest, he'd be looking at late September for the new stock.

Bill also had a couple juicy bits of news about what might be included with that incoming shipment of Madasses too. Now as far as how reliable the news was, he wasn't 100% certain, but felt that there's a good chance it might be true.

It seems that the new U.S.-bound bikes will share a couple of features with it's 125 XX sibling, including inverted forks and a much improved triple-tree top clamp. But the U.S. bikes will still sport the 16in wheels (the 125 XX has 17in wheels) and retain the MadAss 125 badge.

Bill also mentioned that there's a good chance that a limited number of military green versions will be added to the usual color options, making for an even rarer version of an already rare bike for us Americans. Now that I think of it I forgot to ask if the new changes would be seen in the Australian and European bikes (sorry guys). I'll try and follow up to see about that though.

Hopefully this is a sign that Sachs and Pierspeed are looking to continuing and building upon the interest of this great bike especially since it's been a few years that the 125 hit the streets and some updates and/or upgrades to the stock bike would be a huge boost to the community. Let's hope so.

Some more details about the next wave of 2013 MA's has trickled in.

It sounds like it will be broken down between two orders. The first order, due about late September or early October, will be smaller than usual and include a limited number of yellow and white versions alongside the usual colors.

What's still on the table is the possibility that the rims will be sans silver strip this time, making the bike take on the look of earlier model years. Another thing we might see is the dropping of the strict California emissions required parts - which may kind of suck for riders out there on the West Coast.

The second shipment, expected in early 2013, would include the 125 XX-inspired special edition. It's hard to say at this point how many features this U.S. bound special edition will share with the 125 XX, but the inverted forks still seems to be the most talked about so far.

I'll keep my eyes and ears open for more details and pass it along as soon as I can.
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