MadAss Army

MadAss Army FAQ

This FAQ is a work in progress so that's why it looks a little weak right now. So please hang in there.

General Tuning & Maintenance

Modifications & Upgrades

  • Which Engine Upgrade Should I Go With?
    Decisions, decisions. There are a few options when it comes to swapping out the stock Madass engine for something bigger. Read through this thread that goes over the choices that are available,

Parts: Stock & After-Market

  • Are There Compatable Replacement Parts?
    This thread might help you out if you're looking for a compatable replacement part that will fit the MadAss.

Manuals, Service Bulletins, & Other Documentation

Issues & Troubleshooting

  • Oil Leak? Now What?!
    There could be a number of reasons for an oil leak on a motorcycle but a few MadAss owners have experienced similar issues. Read through this thread to see if your symptoms match up and what the best possible solution might be.